Member's Guide


*NEW* Dress Code
NFC organization believes and knows that how you dress is a reflection of yourself and your individuality; however, it is important that the way you dress does not disrespect yourself, others or the values of the organization and society in general.

Please adhere to the following guidelines:
a) Students are to dress neatly, in good taste, and in a manner appropriate for dance. Students are not to wear clothing or jewelry that condones or advertises drugs, intoxication, sex, racism or violence.
b) Strapless tops, bare midriffs, muscle shirts that are open at the side and clothing that is considered to be too revealing are not acceptable in the studio.
c) Shorts are to be a reasonable length, such as a running short but booty shorts are considered unacceptable. Leggings, capris, track pants and yoga pants are all reasonable options.
d) Inappropriate dress will be addressed by staff and / or the administration; a parent/guardian of the student will be notified. Students may be asked to change, cover, or remove the inappropriate article or be sent home.
If you are unsure of an article of clothing, please check our website under "Dress Code" shortly. We will soon have pictures of acceptable and unacceptable dance attire.


Do you have questions about Newcastle Family Connection (NFC)? This member's handbook has been prepared as a guide for all of our members and to help newcomers and their parents become familiar with the organization. We hope you will find it a useful reference.





~WHO Parents, Grandparents, Business People, Teachers

~WHAT Your talents, your energy, your experience

~WHEN A few hours a month, or more if you like

~WHERE In your home, at fundraisers or recital

~WHY New experience, helping NFC, self-fulfillment


Volunteers are an essential part of our organization. Without YOUR help, we would be unable to handle the enormous responsibility of running Newcastle Family Connection. There are lots of interesting things to do. Volunteering to be part of one of our committees will show you a lot about how our organization operates. Your donation of time, energy and experience benefits ALL OF OUR DANCERS. You'll make new friends and enjoy satisfaction as you watch everything fall into place. 

Without volunteers willing to help, our organization wouldn't exist.

Newcastle Family Connection has many jobs requiring very little

preparation, no experience just your time, maybe one or two hours

a month.

Qualifications Needed:

The Executive-How it works for you

Our executive is a team of hard working, dedicated parents who are donating their time, effort and experience to ensure the needs of our members are met. Each executive member has made a commitment to our organization for a minimum of one year. Sincere thanks goes to these people every year, for without them we would not have an organization to offer these programs. Should you have any questions during the year, of if you would like to help out, please contact the executive member responsible for the area you are interested in. To contact the board, email us at


President: Head of the executive. Is responsible for all club activities and achieves this through the direction and delegation of tasks to the appropriate committees and sees they are given the necessary authority and assistance.

Vice President: Supports the President and assists with the organization and management of club activities as requested. Represents the President in his or her absence.

Treasurer: Is the organization's custodian of the funds of the club. Responsible for managing all of the club's finances and preparing a financial statement to be presented at the Annual General Meeting.

Secretary:Tables minutes at all board meetings.



General Information


Newcastle Family Connection, a non-profit charity, was established in 1990 in recognition of the need for programs and support for families in the Clarington area. Over the last few years we have made steady improvements and additions to the services we provide. Currently we offer a recreational dance program for children.


Newsletters and Information Handouts: All newsletters and important information is done electronically via email to our members. It is important to have your current email on file with us to keep up to date with NFC news.  Newsletters are put out several times a season and are loaded with great information. All handouts are posted on the dance bulletin board upstairs at the arena and online at  If you have not received any emails by the last week of September, please contact us at to confirm that we have your correct email.


Recital: Newcastle Family Connection presents a year-end show every year. It provides an opportunity for every dancer to participate in this entertaining production. No dancer should miss the opportunity to participate. Rehearsal and recital are usually in April. A no pictures/video safety policy is in place at rehearsal and recital for all audience members.


Refunds: A $10.00  fee will be charged on all refund requests. All refund requests must be in writing. Refunds will be available up to 14 days after classes begin on a pro-rated basis. No refunds will be available after 14 days.


Late Registration Fee: A late registration fee of $10.00 will apply for students registering after the first class.


Multi Child Discount: A 10% discount will apply for the 2nd child and 50% discount for the 3rd and subsequent child(ren) in a family.


Multi Class Discount: A 10% off discount will apply for the second and subsequent classes a child registers in.


Make up Days: You will be notified if a class is canceled due to bad weather conditions or instructor illness. Class will be rescheduled but may not be rescheduled for the same day and time as regular class.


Minimum Number: A minimum number of students is required for a class to continue. A class will be canceled and all fees returned if a minimum number of students do not sign up for a class.If a class is cancelled by NFC, a full refund will be available.


NFS Cheques: "Non-sufficient funds" cheques are subject to a $20.00 service charge and must be replaced with cash.


Bathroom Breaks: Due to the location of the bathroom at the arena, the following conditions apply to students using the bathroom:

      Movement to Music and Creative Dance Classes: The instructor will stop class when a student needs to use the bathroom facilities and the whole class and instructor will accompany the student. If a parent is present, then they will accompany the student instead.

       Grade 1 and Up: A buddy system will be in effect. Two students will go to the bathroom facilities together. Class will continue.


Please have your child use the  bathroom facilities before each class to help ensure a smooth class. If you have any concerns about the bathroom break policy, please contact us.


Drop off and Pick up: The Newcastle Arena hosts many events and groups and is accessible by many people. For safety reasons, your child should be escorted to class and picked up at the classroom door.


Shoes: Gymnastic or dance/ballet shoes will be needed for all classes (including Jazz Hip Hop combo) except Junior, Intermediate and Senior Hip Hop. All Hip Hop classes require indoor running shoes. All students need the appropriate footwear. Sock feet will not be acceptable due to safety reasons. During class any colour shoe is acceptable but black shoes will be needed for recital. Shoes need to be indoor shoes only.


Bodysuits: Bodysuits are not required for classes. Please ensure students are dressed in comfortable, suitable clothes. Shorts and t-shirts are fine for class. Some older students prefer leggings/pants. No jeans. Please make sure any pants/skirts etc. are the appropriate length so students do not trip on them.


Cameras and Video Taping: Due to privacy and safety reasons, camera and video recordings other than by NFC will not be permitted during class or at rehearsal and recital or any other NFC events.


Display of Pictures and Videos: We may use, display or post pictures/videos of dance students for any promotional or display purposes throughout the year.


                     Dance Room Etiquette

* Respect your instructor and fellow dancers by being on time, dressing appropriately and being prepared for class.

*Please use the restroom BEFORE dance class begins.

*No street shoes in the dance area.

*Please stay in the waiting area until your dance instructor asks you to begin class.

* For safety reasons, no gum in the dance area and jewelry must not be worn in class.

*No food or drinks besides water are allowed in the dance area.  If you bring water into the classroom, make sure it has a tight cap on it to ensure it won't spill. Place water bottles against the window wall next to the dance floor, well away from the dance area.

*Please leave the curtains closed.

*Red means stop! Stay away from the mirrors for your safety. *Do not hang, push or lean on the ballet barres.

*No one is to leave the dance area without permission from the dance instructor.

*Stop and listen to the dance instructor when she is talking.

*Pay attention, be open minded, a good participator, a good sport and remember you are a representative of Newcastle Family Connection.

*Please treat your fellow dancers with kindness and respect.

*If there is another class after yours, please clear out of the classroom immediately so the next class can begin.

*Cell phones are not permitted in the dance area and must be kept in the waiting area. All cell phones must be shut off or on silent/vibrate mode in the waiting area.

*Have fun!

  Parents: *Please pick up your dancers on time. We are only responsible for your child while they are in class. 

*Please do not leave children unattended in the waiting area.

*Please do not allow your children to horseplay in the building.

* All cell phones must be shut off or on silent/vibrate mode in the waiting area.

*If your child is ill or has a fever, please don’t bring them to dance class.

*Please make sure that you and your children clean up after yourselves.

*Please respect our no pictures or video policy. *We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.